Mule Day 2022 - Leatherwood

Mule Day 2022 - Leatherwood

All mule and donkey lovers, the time has come! Mule Day in Ferguson, North Carolina is right around the corner and it is an event that should not be missed.

Mule Day 

Mule Day is a celebration of the majestic beast, the mule. It began in 1840 as a “Breeder’s Day”. Farmers and livestock owners came together to buy, show, and trade their animals. Mules in particular were in demand before the day of tractors, and when many people earned their living from farming the land. 

Mule Day originated in Columbia, Tennessee. Which is known as the “Mule Capital” of the world. Throughout the years a parade and other activities were added to the event in the hopes of attracting more people. Over 200,000 people now attend this multi-day, annual event. 

As a fascinating twist, Mule Day was given its 15 minutes of fame in 2006. The New York Times released an article sarcastically calling for the masses to join “the terror target list.” For whatever reason, the Department of Homeland Security had the Mule Day Parade in their federal antiterrorism database. (1)

Though it was not an accident. The inspector general stands by the validity of said list. As Eric Lipton puts it,

“It reads like a tally of terrorist targets that a child might have written: Old MacDonald’s Petting Zoo, the Amish Country Popcorn factory, the Mule Day Parade, the Sweetwater Flea Market and an unspecified ‘Beach at End of a Street.’” 

It is a crazy world. One just never knows.

Mule Days at Leatherwood 

Due to its popularity, Mule Day spread to other locations. Ferguson, North Carolina holds an annual event to celebrate not only the mule, but the donkey as well. Even horse lovers might find joy strolling around the grounds, taking in the sites. 

Leatherwood Mountain is hosting their 8th event between April 19th and the 24th. They are calling for animal enthusiasts to join in the festivities. It will be great for the entire family! 


Come and enjoy a few days of relaxation. Eat, shop, watch delightful entertainment, and join in on activities. 

  • Supreme Trail Mule Competition
  • Trail Obstacle Competitions
  • Tack Swap
  • Parade Awards
  • Costume Contest
  • Coloring Contest
  • Celebration Dinner
  • Coon Jump
  • Welcome Party
  • Fundraising Silent Auction
  • Prizes & Drawings
  • Kids Activities
  • Shopping
  • Tons of Trail Riding
  • Restaurants
  • Gift Shops & More


On top of the endless possibilities for good, clean fun, there is a main event. A clinic by Ty Evans on Mulemanship. 

Along with his wife and daughter, Ty travels a majority of the year to teach riders and their mules to get along better. He believes in “helping people with mule problems, and mules with people problems”. Nourishing this bond brings out the best in the animal and the person. (Also can be applied to donkeys and horses). 

So come one, come all.

Business Shops

For those who love to shop, stop by the Shopping Barn. There will be tack vendors, custom jewelry venders, and much more.

The Sassy Ass itself will be there to cater to donkey lovers. There will be adorable gifts (link of mini donkey notecard pack), jewelry (dichroic glass), shirts (donktrovert), and much needed necessities (wine glasses). 

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