About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create fun, sassy, quality donkey gifts that inspire the equine community. We work to bring awareness and education to the donkey world and hope to make positive change on the lifestyle of the modern donkey.

Our Farm

Sassy Ass Acres is home to a herd of miniature donkeys and equine retirement horses. We are open by appointment only and during special events throughout the year. All purchases go back to The Sassy Ass herd and assist with the food, care, and enrichment. 
Donkey Herd Grazing in Green Grass

Meet the Donkey Team!

The Sassy Ass Donkey Team

Our Founder

Becca recieved her first donkey when she was seven years old from the BLM. His name was Spud and she was hooked from day one. Her mom, an eventer did not think that a wild donkey was a suitable pet. Her criteria to keep the donkey was that Becca must be able to pick his hoof on her own. A lot of tears later she was able to do so and kept him as a pet for many years.  As an adult her father bought her a miniature donkey- Jingle for Christmas. He became her quick favorite pet and soon enough she went to auctions and brought more back to the farm that needed homes. Donkey gifts were not represented well in the market unless you wanted the same 5 generic images so The Sassy Ass was born to bring smiles to more donkey enthusiast. 
White Miniature Donkey Hug