Finnigan the Finicky Donkey + Loudoun Fall Farm Tours

Finnigan the Finicky Donkey + Loudoun Fall Farm Tours

Move aside Amy Fleming, a new celebrity is trotting into the heartland of Virginia. And unlike the mild mannered horse whisperer, he is up to no good.

Full of mischief and adventure, Finnigan the Finicky Donkey is sure to capture the hearts of young children across the world. Finnigan is a tricky little donkey that lures the reader with his devilish charmand evokes a giggle with his devious antics.

He is always on a mission to escape his pasture, using skilled moves to squeeze out of what would seem an impossible location. He can be found anywhere from the front porch to under the belly of a horse two paddocks down.

When he bores of flaunting his ninja skills, Finnigan delights in stealing feeding buckets, and closing
other donkeys into their stalls. However, even though he is a trickster, this 250 pound ball of fluff can be quite loving. (If a donkey sitting on your legs is your idea of loving that is.)

This adorable kid’s book is based on a true story (with only a touch of creative embellishment). Finnigan lives on the beautiful farm, The Sassy Ass, in the rolling hills of Loudoun County. Each day, the delightfully
vivacious donkey makes his best attempt to outwit his owner, and is rarely found in the same place twice.

Donkeys with personalities like Finnigan are almost too good to be true. And owning a herd of donkeys can provide a circus act right in the backyard. It makes purchasing a donkey tempting even to those who
otherwise never would have given these little beasts a second thought.
Buying a donkey is like eating a box of chocolates. Never know what you’re going to get. (Yes, Forest Gump was just quoted, because come on, fantastic line.)

Finnigan is similar to the chocolate and nougat. It’s great but you’ll be pulling it out of your teeth for a week.

There is the sweet caramel filled ones. Xena for example will follow around her owner for the simple pleasure of being pet and to nuzzle any body part she can get near to.

Kandy is the super fancy peanut butter cup with her beautiful chocolate coat and wild Mohawk. Her personality is as great as her looks.

Spudette is the chocolate you don’t think you’re going to like, and take a bite of first. But it turns out it is surprisingly scrumptious. Spudette might seem a little homely with her slightly mangy coat (that resists
even the most expensive of treatments), her lone snaggle tooth, and antisocial behavior, but she is actually sweet deep down inside. She loves to be close, but don’t touch.

Oh, the wonderful salted caramel. Starts off with a touch of bitterness but ends with a tantalizing sweetness. Velvet is the chocolate version of Sour Patch kids. She tends to pin her ears and snap herpearly whites in a human’s general direction, but usually winds up in your lap for a good back scratch.

Then there is the chocolate that looks like it is going to be filled with caramel, but is really a toffee that tastes and feels like glue. Bandit, a runt in the miniature donkey world, is incredibly adorable. But don’t
be fooled, the little mite will attack out of the blue and chase away any he perceives to be receiving more attention than he is.

And last, but not least, there is the chocolate full of nuts. Jingle is the farm greeter, from the farrier to the random stranger. He lopes towards the newcomer with deafening brays. In his downtime, he prances around like the horse he believes he is and pulls the tails of his pasture mates.

While not everyone has the opportunity to own such a wide array of donkeys, that doesn’t mean the experience should be missed out on. Come join the crowd that will be traveling from farm to farm with
the Loudoun Fall Farm Tours October 15th through 16th . The Sassy Ass with its fantastic beasts is on the roster.

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