Bringing Home Donkeys of Joy

Bringing Home Donkeys of Joy

Now that the proper accommodations are in place, the family number can rise. Beware, it may tick up quicker than anticipated. Even a keen eye can be denied.

When Xena was being vetted by The Sassy Ass, the question of pregnancy was broached. She appeared to be rather round in the midsection, in that special baby on board kind of way, and too many unforeseen babies had brayed their way to life on the farm already. The current owner profusely ensured that Xena was most certainly not pregnant. Low and behold, one day soon after arrival, a baby was born; white and shiny, if not a tad unsightly. 

Having a vet pay the perspective member a visit before purchasing is a possible solution for those who like to know as many details as possible. It is not the easiest path to follow, fair warning. Or, why not live life on the edge and embrace the adorable surprises. Babies have a special way of melting even the most ornery of hearts. However, it is important to note that these little critters can live over 40 years. A great amount of dedication is therefore required, especially when committing to a baby.

Still believe that a donkey is a good fit? If caution is the name of the game, click the link below for an in-depth checklist on what to consider before making the final decision to bring home a new donkey. (1) If nothing will stand in the way of a four legged addition, then great. On to the transportation.

Not everyone owns a trailer, and not everyone has the opportunity to borrow one from friends or family. Always ask the current owner if they would be willing to deliver. There is a chance that they may want to see where their donkey is going to wind up. If not, the worst that can happen is they will say no. Worth the risk.

Thanks to capitalism, even if they say no, that will not be too big of an issue. Hit up the old search engine and marvel in the convenience of what it has to offer. Like just about everything else in life, someone has a trailer for rent. Remember, while saving money is ideal, the cheapest option is not always the wisest. Read reviews. A boring and tedious task, but the personal consequences from not doing so can be quite nauseating. 

When the date of arrival draws near, and joy is dancing deep in the soul, now is the time to proceed with caution. The excitement is heady, and may impede focus when it is needed the most. Attention to detail is highly recommended when releasing the adorable creature into the quarantine area. What should not come as a surprise, yet definitely has gotten one over on a person or two, is that the donkey may not be tamed. If they are not, a small space would be the best place to keep them. Chasing a large and in charge, pregnant jenny around a sizeable enclosure is a rather stressful situation. For the owner. As a bystander, it is incredibly delightful. 

Also, make sure that there is shelter for the donkey to escape the elements. They quite despise the rain, and are not a fan of being out in it for long periods of time. Their coats are not waterproof, and it can be damaging to their health. Rain rot is a common occurrence when they are not kept adequately dry. This could leave the donkey with a painful and itchy bald spot. Rainy years make this difficult no matter what lengths are taken to keep these cuddly creatures dry. Either in the shelter, or close by, it is best to have clean water and minerals.

What degree of isolation that is followed for the new member is based on preference. While it is in the best interest of all members that they be placed in a separate area with no chance of nose to nose contact, how the new donkey is interacted with varies. Some people find it best to change clothes between the quarantine area and other paddocks. Others simply wash their hands. It is a judgement call based on the condition of the animal.

Quarantine is a great time to pay special attention to the donkey. Take note of its training level: Is the little critter hard to catch? Does it allow a halter to be easily pulled into place? Does it allow its feet to be picked up and cleaned? Also, it is a great time to start creating a bond. Donkeys are a pack animal, and do not like to be left alone. Extra lip rubs and butt scratches would be appreciated, and would go a long way in lessening the chance of depression during its time of isolation. Whatever situations that may arise, and no matter the path that is taken, enjoy the fluffy beast. 

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