23 Facts You May Not Know About the Fabulous Donkey

23 Facts You May Not Know About the Fabulous Donkey

Today, it seems that everyone loves to scan a good list. Not to disappoint, here are 23 reasons donkeys are difficult not to love.

  1. Donkeys are well known for being “beasts of burden.” What many might not know, is that in many countries around the world, these furry little creatures are used as the preferred mode of transportation. 
  2. Donkeys are an all-terrain animal. They are sure footed, have a keen sense of curiosity, and are less likely to be spooked than a horse. This is why they are often used for tours on more difficult trails. Has anyone been on a pleasant ride, marveling in the still beauty, when the regal horse beneath hopped and bolted? If not, a secretly delightful moment has been missed. What a thrill that experience sends raging through the veins. But of course, bad horse. Not what the average novice wants, nor should experience. Liability reasons and such.
  3. Donkeys are very strong and highly intelligent. They are stronger than a horse of the same size
  4. Donkeys have an incredible memory. They are able to recognize areas and other donkeys they knew up to 25 years later.
  5. Donkeys are stubborn due to their highly developed sense of self preservation. In contrast, a horse is stubborn due to pig headedness.  
  6. Unlike many people, donkeys use reason to make a decision and will never be involved in an activity that it deems unsafe.  A smart, if not boring, way to live life. 
  7. A donkey’s favorite pastime include rolling on the ground. A surprisingly delightful event to watch as their legs flail in the air while they struggle to roll from side to side.
  8. There are three different types of donkeys. The Standard breed measures 36-54 inches. Miniatures measure under 36 inches. The one many do not know about, is the Mammoth breed standing at more than 54 inches. 
  9. Donkeys can be very loyal. If they truly bond and love their owner, the donkey will follow them around like a puppy. Hopefully this happens in the case of a Miniature. It may be more inconvenient with a Mammoth.
  10. A donkey and horse mixture does not always result in a Mule. This occurs when a female horse and a male donkey are crossbred. If a male horse and a female donkey are used, it is known as a Hinny. 
  11. Whether a Hinny or a Mule, they are both sterile by birth. The Mule tends to be a more popular cross since they are stronger than Hinnies. 
  12. Donkeys and horses have the same gait. Some will say they are not often seen running. Those people have never been to The Sassy Ass. Those tiny buggers seem to always be chasing each other across the field or escaping down the driveway in an enchanting mission to wreak havoc and exasperate their owner.
  13. The largest population of donkeys in the world are in China.
  14. Taking a social media page dedicated to an animal to another level, owners in Britain provide their donkeys with their own passport. Okay, fine, it is mandatory for them to have one. 
  15. It is almost painful to say, but Jennies stay pregnant for 365 days. To make matters more mind boggling, they may even decide to hold onto that unborn foal until a time of their choosing. Luckily for them, twins are very rare. 
  16. In the desert environment, donkeys are able to hear the call of another donkey 60 miles away. (Their deafening brays may make this one not come as too big of a surprise.) This is due to their large ears. Which by the way, help keep them cool as well. 
  17. Donkeys were a primary reason for the Egyptians wealth. They were entrusted with carrying precious metals from Africa. 
  18. Monkeys and chimps aren’t the only adorable and selfless animals that grooms their friends. Donkeys do this as well. Along with amazing, simultaneous, back scratches. Come on now, where are these types of human friends?
  19. Donkeys are originally from the Middle East and Africa.
  20. In Greece, these tiny bodies were used for working on narrow paths between vines. 
  21. Donkeys’ cute and cuddly properties melt the hearts of many. But how about the fact that the leader of the group will valiantly stand up to a threat while the rest of the herd flees for safety? True courage and loyalty there. 
  22. If donkey fertilizer ever came to mind, it is best to think again. Donkeys utilize 95 percent of their food. To one up that statistic, their digestive systems are also able to break down inedible vegetation. A handy trick for the scarcity of food in the desert. 
  23. If that’s not amazing enough, they are also able to extract moisture from the food that enables them to stay hydrated.

Crafty and efficient little creatures. They are sounding better and better every day. 

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