The Perfect Stall for your Newborn Baby Donkey

The Perfect Stall for your Newborn Baby Donkey

Are you adding to the herd? Not sure what to do with your newborn baby donkey? The perfect stall is an absolute must and you need different versions in the winter months & summer months. 

Now at Sassy Ass Acres we always let mama choose where she wants to have her baby whether out in the field or in her comfy stall. After birth we always set them up inside a stall for a few days to ensure everthing is good and makes vet checks easier. Don't worry we still let them out to play!

All Year Round Stalls:

We always put a nice padding of straw around the edges of the stall. This protects the baby and can prevent it from getting stuck against the wood when lying down or rolling. Then we fill the interior with a low dust shaving for comfort. We also use a very small bucket of water for mama so that the baby does not fall in and potentially drown. Always make sure to have access to good hay to keep the milk supply up!

Warm Weather Stalls: 

We make sure to have open windows and put up our special "mini stall front". Our stalls also have fans and they are turned on if needed, however they are mostly just in the stall at night for the first week and if the breeze is nice we leave them off. The mini stall front is great as Mama can still interact with her herd but it keeps baby safe at night while still allowing good airflow. 

Cold Weather Stalls:

For the colder months we always have heat lighting! We use safe lamps that are are up on the ceiling and can be targeted to certain areas of the stall. We do not heat the entire stall so that if Mama and Baby are hot they can go elsewhere! 




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